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All about the fitness and health lifestyle

The Best Apps for Group Fitness Challenges

Last Updated:
January 27, 2022

Group Fitness Challenges

Getting into an exercise routine can be difficult, especially when you lack the motivation. Exercising in a group setting can help by providing accountability and healthy competition. However, some people are too self-conscious to join a fitness class or training session. Luckily, technology now offers ways you can join group fitness challenges and classes from the comfort of your home. These apps for group fitness not only help you to achieve your personal goals but also push you to stick to a regular routine. Below are some of our recommendations for the best group fitness challenge apps.


Known as the social network for athletes, Strava uses a feed similar to Facebook for users. Data is uploaded from your fitness tracker, phone, smartwatch, or other devices into the app. This is then shared on your Strava Feed, where friends can see it. This helps to drive competition and support within the community. There are various types of group fitness challenges within Strava, these will then show leaderboard stats per challenge. The options include;

  • Most Active – Set a time frame, and whoever logs the most time, distance, or elevation will win. With this challenge, there may also be a goal to hit as well.
  • Fastest – This challenge takes your average pace across a specific distance to find the winner. Simply set a race distance and run, cycle or swim it as fast as you can to beat your friends. Complete the distance multiple times to improve your time
  • Longest Activity – This challenge records your workouts and whoever has the longest workout time wins.
  • Group Goal – This challenge allows all people in the group to work towards a single goal. All activities count towards that goal, however, there is no leaderboard view. Instead, you can see how close your group is getting to that goal.

Strava creates a safe, inclusive environment for those looking to work out in a virtual group setting. However, only users on your following list can join challenges, so make sure you invite people to join to participate in the challenges above.


The Jefit fitness app is primarily for strength workouts, however many other workout types also feature on the app. The app offers various workout routines for you, grouped by muscle groups. The calendar feature makes it easy for you to track your workouts, and plan upcoming rest days. Jefit offers various group fitness challenges, where users can compete against each other. They even offer Jefit community fitness challenges where the winning teams can receive free memberships and more. During the challenges, users gain iron points, and whoever has the most at the end of the challenge cycle wins. Iron points are given when you complete a workout or participate within the community. The more consistent you are on the app, the more iron points you earn. Better yet you can exchange your iron points for an elite membership once you earn enough.


Often people assume that you have to have a FitBit watch to use the app, however, you can simply log the data with your mobile phone. The FitBit app can take the steps, elevation, and distance information from your phone to compete against your friends or family on the app. There are various FitBit challenges you can use including;

  • Daily Showdown – the most steps each day
  • Weekend Warrior – the most steps Saturday and Sunday
  • Workweek Hustle – the most steps Monday through Friday
  • Goal Day – who can hit their daily step goal.
  • Adventures – set a goal in real-life locations

Simply set up your challenge and invite your friends to join. Participants will be able to see everyone’s steps and profile picture in the challenge. They will also be able to post messages to a message board. If you win a challenge you will earn a virtual trophy, you can also earn these for achieving a personal best.

The above are just some of the best apps for group fitness challenges, however, you could also consider the following;

  • PumpUp – a fitness app designed specifically for women. This app is similar to Instagram but focused on fitness goals.
  • Runkeeper – this app focuses on running goals and challenges.
  • Centr – made by Chris Hemsworth, this app focuses on healthy eating and strength training.

Using healthy competition is a great way to help you stay motivated throughout your fitness journey. Many people also enjoy the community aspect of a group challenge. If you are looking to boost your competitiveness and get fit, consider using one of the group fitness apps above.

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