All about the fitness and health lifestyle
All about the fitness and health lifestyle

The Best Corporate Fitness Challenge Apps for 2023

Last Updated:
February 2, 2023

The Best Corporate Fitness Challenge Apps for 2023

The idea that fitness is related to business is relatively new, however, as times change, employers are becoming concerned about the health of their employees. Many employers now offer mental health days and gym memberships as employee perks. Over the past few years, many businesses have begun to incorporate fitness or health challenges into the workplace. These are optional for employees, they promote social engagement and offer a fun way for employees to improve their health. Below are some of the best corporate fitness challenge apps your business should consider.



Empower your team's wellness with the YuMuuv app, designed to enhance happiness and engagement in your organization. The intuitive platform lets administrators effortlessly set up and oversee a wide array of wellness challenges. Participants benefit from a daily overview of their personal progress, fostering a conscious approach to their well-being.

The challenge options available are numerous, including but not limited to:

  • Step Challenge – Encourage participants to increase their daily step count.
  • Sleep Challenge – Promote healthy sleeping habits for improved productivity.
  • Mindfulness Challenge – Facilitate mental well-being through focused meditation activities.
  • Distance Challenge – Fuel a competitive spirit with challenges based on the distance covered in various physical activities.
  • Custom Challenge – Create a unique challenge based on any activity, promoting a culture that is specific to your company.
YuMuuv offers personalized experiences with features like co-branding, and supports integration with a variety of wearable devices. With 32 languages available globally, it embraces a diverse workforce. Kickstart your team's wellness journey with a quick demo to experience all the benefits YuMuuv has to offer.

Pacer for Teams

This virtual platform allows you to create step challenges for your organization. All participants download the Pacer Pedometer & Fitness app to participate. The app allows full access to challenges and tracks their physical activity. Administrators can set challenges with ease, and view all user's stats.

The challenge types available include;

  • Step Challenge – See who walks the most each week
  • Distance Challenge – See who moves the furthest each week
  • Daily Step Goal Challenge – Set a daily step count, and users earn points when they achieve it. The most points wins.
  • Race – Using the app GPS, users track and record a single distance workout. They then rank by their pace.
  • Adventure Challenge – Compete in a first-to-finish distance challenge with an interactive game map.

Pacer for Teams offers a two-week free trial so your business can try before you buy.


This fitness challenge program also offers challenges to improve mental health. The idea is to improve the overall lifestyle of participants. FitPros offer a range of fitness classes, challenges, and social activities customized for your business needs. Some of the challenges include;

  • Fitness Class Riddle Edition – During the 30-minute fitness class, users are encouraged to answer the riddle to win a prize.
  • Escape Room – Users work together to solve challenges and puzzles to escape the virtual room and win the prize. Challenges can include physical movement or exercises.
  • Climb that Mountain – Users compete to climb a chosen mountain and log their steps to see who reaches the top first.


Many people use a busy schedule as an excuse not to exercise. After all, it can be difficult to make the time to exercise, especially when it’s not exciting. Sworkit offers adaptable training plans for all fitness levels, at various lengths. This allows anyone to integrate a regular workout into their routine. Challenges offered through the app are designed to help each person move at their own pace.

  • 4-week Challenge – Each user chooses challenges to complete over four weeks to earn points.
  • 8-week Challenge – Like the 4-week challenge, users select challenges to complete over 8 weeks. The idea is to build healthy habits
  • Step Challenge – The step counter helps users understand how much, or how little they move throughout the day. Users can set a target and track their progress over time.

Sworkit offers a free trial for individuals looking to test before purchasing, and there is a demo option for businesses.

Promoting fitness within the workplace is a great way for businesses to maintain and help improve employees' mental, social, and physical health. Primarily, businesses should focus on sickness and injury prevention and management, prevention of adverse health effects, and maintaining health and safety laws. Often promoting fitness and wellness leads to higher employee retention, better productivity, and better communication. These are all great benefits for your business, just make sure you and your management team also participate.

Use one of the corporate fitness challenge apps mentioned above to get your employees focusing more on their health and wellness. Consider offering incentives to employees participating, not just the winners.

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