All about the fitness and health lifestyle
All about the fitness and health lifestyle

The Best Fitness Apps

Last Updated:
April 16, 2021

best fitness apps

Looking for an easy way to keep track of your workouts? Or perhaps you are looking for some additional motivation to stay on track with your health and fitness. Either way, there are many fitness apps designed to help you keep focus. Below are some of the best fitness apps for your mobile device.


This popular health and fitness app does it all. Covering everything from food and workout tracking to community encouragement. With more than six million foods in the app's database, tracking your caloric intake is easier than ever. An added benefit is the ability to track macros through fat, sugar, and nutrient details per food item. Once you have set up your profile, each workout you log will automatically calculate the calories you have burnt. MyFitnessPal is free at the base level, with the option to upgrade a premium version with meal and workout plans.

7 Minute Workout

This fitness app is perfect for busy people. With every workout on the app only taking 7 minutes it’s easier to fit in every day. There are a large range of 7 minute workout routines for every fitness level, so you can continue to use the app throughout your fitness journey. Additionally, there are a variety of longer workouts on the app to increase its functionality. The longest workout is 32 minutes, with various levels of intensity. 7 Minute Workout is completely free and you do not need any extra equipment to get started.

Charity Miles

If you are looking to start running or cycling but are struggling to motivate yourself, consider Charity Miles. This app works in conjunction with corporate donors to raise money for various charities. Each mile users run or cycle contributes donations towards these charities. While this helps you feel good by contributing, the app also tracks how far you have run, making it easy to see your progress each week. As a registered user, you can choose which charity you want to contribute towards and even join fundraising teams within the Charity Miles community.


If you like to lift weights, JEFIT is the fitness app for you. JEFIT offers targeted strength training workouts for each area of your body with instructional videos. You can even create a customized workout routine by entering in your fitness goals. Once your workout is selected simply click when you start and finish each exercise to record your workout. As with many other fitness apps, JEFIT has their own community section, allowing you to connect with other weightlifters around the world. The free version of the app does include ads, however the ad-free elite version is a reasonable $39.99 annually. Additionally, the elite version includes extra analytics, muscle tracking features, and weekly progress reports.


This app offers a wide variety of instructor lead workouts. Classes include yoga, HIIT, stretch, cardio and guided meditations to name a few. With a large variety of class types and intensity levels, FitOn is suitable for anyone. All workouts are free and do not require additional equipment. As an additional bonus you can “register” for classes, which then opens a community chat feature during the workout. If you are looking for more than just a fitness app, you can upgrade to access customized meal plans and recipes for just $19.99 annually.

There you have it, some of the best fitness apps to help keep you on track with your health and fitness. With such a wide variety of apps available, it is easy to find the one that suits you, your lifestyle, your fitness goals and your fitness level. Which one will you be downloading?

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