All about the fitness and health lifestyle
All about the fitness and health lifestyle

The Best Ways to Lose Weight without Strict Dieting

Last Updated:
December 23, 2021

Lose Weight without Strict Dieting

Losing weight can be difficult and fad diets are often hard to stick to for long. Sure, many diets help you to lose weight quickly, but they aren’t a long-term solution. This leaves people discouraged and frustrated when they gain the weight back. However, you can lose weight without strict dieting by making simple lifestyle changes. This will enable you to slowly lose weight in a sustainable way, so you keep it off. Below are some of the best ways to adjust your lifestyle for the best weight loss results.

Pay Attention to Liquid Calories

Liquids hide calories, thus to help reduce your daily calorie intake you should look at what you drink each day. Sweet drinks including juice are filled with hidden calories, as are many diet versions. Plus, drinks don’t satisfy your hunger, they just mask it for a little while. Try to switch beverages for lower-calorie versions like sparkling water, low-fat milk, or simply reduce the portion size of fruit juice or soda. Additionally, limiting your alcohol intake to weekends or 3-4 days can also help reduce hidden calories.

Eat Breakfast

So many people opt to miss meals to lose weight, with the most popular being breakfast. However, eating breakfast can actually help you eat less throughout the day. Research shows that those who eat breakfast every day find keeping the weight off easier. Additionally, by eating a fiber-filled breakfast, you will feel fuller, and will likely not feel hungry until lunchtime.

Don’t Snack Before Bed

A great way to decrease your daily calorie consumption is to avoid snacking after a certain time in the evening. This helps cut down on mindless snacking and late-night munchies while watching television. Consider having fruit, a small bowl of ice cream, or a single serving of chocolate after dinner. Then brush your teeth to help avoid the temptation to eat anything else. After several weeks, this will become a habit and your late-night cravings will start to subside.

Switch to Whole Grain

By switching white bread and flour for whole or wheat grain alternatives, you can easily add fiber to your diet. This will help you fill up faster, which also means that you will likely eat smaller portions. Many people also note that eating wholegrain foods reduces water weight and bloating, helping you to feel better as well.

Add More Protein

By adding lean or low-fat protein to each meal, you can reduce snacking. This is because protein, like fiber, helps to keep you fuller for longer. Some easy protein sources include low-fat yogurt, turkey jerky, eggs, salmon, tofu, hummus, or beans.

Set Yourself Up For Success

The easiest way to make lifestyle changes is to remove the temptations. This means aiming to stock your kitchen with healthier snack alternatives. Or, pre-portioning your snack so you avoid overeating. By meal-prepping or snack-prepping at the beginning of each week you can ensure you have snacks on hand to fit your cravings. This means having a range of sweet and savory options. Also, weight loss supplements like Modere Trim can encourage ketogenesis, which encourages your body to rely on burning fat for energy. This means having a range of sweet and savory options.

Move More

Throughout the day, make a conscious decision to move around. These don’t need to be big changes, it could be as simple as walking to pick up lunch instead of getting it delivered. Consider, pacing while you talk on the phone, and walking to a work colleague instead of calling. You can also opt to take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk the long way home or simply add in a daily walk around your neighborhood.

As you can see, many of the suggestions above are based on replacing not eliminating foods from your current diet. By making these smaller changes to your diet and lifestyle, you can easily incorporate them into your day-to-day life. It also means you don’t have to feel stressed about going out with friends, or to events as you are not eliminating any food groups. Instead, focus on moderation, making healthier choices, building healthy habits, and moving your body more.

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