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All about the fitness and health lifestyle

The Best Weight Loss Meal Plan To Get Lean

Last Updated:
November 16, 2021

Weight Loss Meal Plan To Get Lean

Most weight loss meal plans tend to let you down. One of the main reasons for this is they don’t actually give you the results you want. It is important to focus on low-calorie foods that are also filling and nutrient-dense. Many people end up eating healthy yet high-calorie foods that take them out of the all-important calorie deficit. Often people follow boring and extremely strict meal plans, these work in the short term as they keep your calories low. However, most people will be unable to sustain these long term. After all, you are looking to set permanent lifestyle goals, right? What are your goals? If getting lean is one of them, then keep reading to find out about the best weight loss meal plan to get lean.

Step 1: Setting Your Weight Loss Meal Plan Calories

This is the most crucial step for your weight loss meal plan. Start by learning how many calories you will be burning on average each day. Use this number to help decide what your calorie intake should be. This will allow you to choose the right calorie deficit to reach your weight loss goal, without starvation methods. Studies suggest you should aim for a 20-25% deficit to see the best results. Try using this calorie calculator to help you find an accurate deficit. Make sure to find a reputable one, that way you’ll receive the best results.

Step 2: Determining Protein Intake

Next, you will need to find the correct amount of protein intake. This is a crucial step as you want to maintain your muscle while losing fat. If you don’t get enough protein while dieting you risk losing muscle. Now, how do you determine the correct amount of protein? In general, you should aim for between 0.8g - 1g per lb of body weight. Those with more body fat will tend to require less protein, during the weight loss and muscle building phase.

Step 3: Determining Number Of Daily Meals

You must determine how you will be spreading out your calories and protein throughout each day. It is important to consider your food options and personal habits. It’s generally best to spread out your meals and snacks evenly, that way you help diminish hunger and other cravings. Thus, making your meal plan sustainable long-term. Your schedule will play a huge role in the number of meals you have time for and when. Ensure you plan ahead to decide what type of meal or snack you can fit in and when. Changing your diet to fit your schedule helps make the diet sustainable for you, and if you meal prep, it becomes even easier.

Step 4: Filling In Your Weight Loss Meal Plan

Finally, you must fill in the rest of your meal plan. This is where you decide what meals you can incorporate to keep the diet sustainable. Choosing between carbs and fats will mostly be a matter of preference, however, you should include some of each. The most important part of a muscle-building, weight loss diet is controlling overall calories, and protein. Adding in a regular amount of carbs and fats will help you keep your diet sustainable. Another thing to keep in mind is to utilize low-calorie sauces and toppings. For example, hot sauce, soy sauce, mustard, sauerkraut, and kimchi are all great options to spice up your meals and add extra flavor.

There are many options out there when it comes to dieting. However, which diet to choose really depends on what your long-term goals are. If you are looking for a permanent lifestyle change then sustainability is key. Choosing a diet that can be flexible will help you in the long run. You can always adjust the calorie deficit to your current goals and sustain your weight. The 4 steps above are the key components of a weight loss meal plan to get lean.  The final key is recognizing that diet alone is not the answer.  A healthy body is an active body that is involved with some forms of cardio and muscle-strengthening to build stamina, health, and a lean physique.

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