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All about the fitness and health lifestyle

The Five Best Workout Recovery Tools for 2022

Last Updated:
June 22, 2022
C Gingerich

The Five Best Workout Recovery Tools for 2022

Recovery is just as valuable as the workout itself when it comes to fitness routines. Having the right recovery tools can aid with expanding mobility, soothing muscle pain, and decreasing tightness. This will allow you to perform better and for longer periods of time with less risk of injury.

While these products are developed for workout recovery, they can also be used for a variety of reasons. Muscles tired and achy after a long run? Feeling drained after a long day of travel? Tense from spending hours sitting at your desk? Not sleeping well due to body discomfort? These recovery tools can help you unwind after a long day, no matter what that might look like.

Consider utilizing the following best workout recovery tools in your fitness routine. 

Compression Socks

Feeling sore or experiencing some swelling after a workout? Throw on a pair of compression socks to alleviate this discomfort. Compression socks help improve blood circulation allowing you to experience heightened energy levels. Many compare the sensation to a gentle massage leaving them feeling restored and relaxed. Be sure to find a pair that fits true to size as with a smaller pair you could risk obstructing your blood flow.

Epsom Salt

Add a relaxing Epsom salt bath into your fitness routine to soothe tired or achy muscles. For a relatively cheap price, Epsom salt baths give you an in-home spa experience. Personalize the experience by selecting either a scented or unscented version. While most Epsom salts contain the same ingredients such as arnica, menthol, and eucalyptus, consider adding other contents such as essential oils, etc. 

Massage Gun

When considering the best workout recovery tools, massage guns offer a dynamic approach to resolving muscle fatigue or discomfort. Use them specifically to engage sore, stiff muscles to ease muscle stress. They can also be used to target irritating muscle knots and can help improve your mobility altogether. With different vibration speeds and tools to equip on the gun, it can be utilized on any part of your body. A simple google search will give you different tips for what tools and what speed to use on specific muscle groups.

Stretch Strap

Expand your range of motion and boost your flexibility with the assistance of a stretch strap. The strap assists you in going deeper into your stretches in order to relieve tightness and prevent soreness after a hard workout. With a number of loops in the strap, you can gently increase the depth of your stretches over time. There are many simple yet detailed guides that outline how to use the stretch strap in your stretching routine.

Foam Roller

With a number of different models, foam rollers are a useful resource to treat tight muscles, alleviate stiffness, and boost circulation. Choose a smooth, low-impact roller for a moderate approach, or a high-density roller with grooves to dig deeper and target muscle knots. The compact size of the foam roller makes it convenient to use on the go as you can comfortably fit it into a gym bag.

To Conclude

Recovery should be a priority when it comes to your fitness routine. In order to stay healthy and injury-free, take some time to incorporate a recovery routine after working out.

Consider your fitness goals and determine what tools and recovery routine would be best for you. For example, this may be using a stretch strap for 15 minutes and then taking a 20-minute Epsom salt bath. A good practice is having numerous tools available so you can choose the method that will best help your body recover at that time based on how you feel.

To stay healthy and injury-free, incorporate these best workout recovery tools into your fitness routine.

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