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All about the fitness and health lifestyle

The Health Benefits of Traveling Abroad

Last Updated:
February 16, 2022

The Health Benefits of Travelling Abroad

The past few years have been travel difficult, and almost non-existent. Especially travel abroad. Traveling the world is a great chance to relax and explore somewhere new. However, did you know that there are also numerous health benefits of traveling abroad? Below are 5 health benefits you can expect from a trip abroad.

Relieves Stress

While missing a connection or losing baggage is stressful and boosts anxiety, these are relatively uncommon. The act of traveling however has been scientifically proven to reduce stress levels. One study even shows that just a few days into a vacation, most travelers feel less anxious. They are also often more rested and in a better mindset overall. Additionally, these benefits and feelings continue for weeks after the vacation ends. One of the biggest stress-relieving side effects of travel abroad is lowering the risk of burnout. This is especially true for travelers who are completely separated from work while abroad. Or, for those just finishing their college degree and needing a good break.

Lowers the Risk of Depression

Depression is a major problem for people worldwide, one which many people try to avoid talking about. However, millions of Americans struggle with depression and are on medication to manage it. Travel, especially travel abroad can help those with depression as well. A Marshfield Clinic study shows that women who vacation twice a year are less like to suffer from depression than those who take a vacation less often. Traveling to a new place can bring about a new sense of wonder and optimism for many people. These new adventures can help them to mentally heal the pain and trauma they have been carrying.

Enhances Creativity

There are various studies showing that foreign experiences boost creativity. This is more often true when travelers immerse themselves in the destination. Engaging in local customs, visiting traditional monuments, and meeting new people are crucial to boost that creativity. When choosing where to eat, stay and what to do, consider hiring a local guide. Especially if you are looking to reawaken your creativity.

Boosts Happiness and Satisfaction

The majority of people are so much happier when traveling, especially when it is a true vacation. The dopamine hit we get from simply planning a trip can also boost our happiness and satisfaction levels. For example, imagine how would you feel to see your Mom's face after buying and planning her dream trip, read more at Experience Gifts for Mom.  This is why planning a trip can be done in sections, allowing you to get excited about traveling abroad all the way up until you leave. Often, when people travel to their dream location, their satisfaction and happiness will stay high for weeks after.

General Health Boost

Studies show that both women and men who travel regularly have a much lower risk of heart disease than those who don’t. This is in part to the above benefits. However, those who travel more frequently are also less likely to get seriously ill with a cold, influenza, or other respiratory illnesses. This is due to the number of people they come in contact with, along with lower stress levels. Thus helping to keep your immune system working well, and increasing your overall health. Another overall health benefit of traveling abroad is the amount of exercise travelers do. As they take in the sights, visit museums or walk along the beach, many people find themselves walking much more on vacation than they would at home.

There are various clear, scientifically-backed health benefits of traveling abroad. From mental health to physical health, travel is beneficial, plus regular vacations can also improve your productivity at work. For many, the idea of traveling abroad is scary and expensive. However, as things begin to open back up there are many destinations that are cheap and easy to get to from the US. So, if one of your goals in the next year is to travel, try starting your traveling adventures with a quick trip to Canada or Mexico for example, or maybe England.

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