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All about the fitness and health lifestyle

The Importance of Healthy Skin for Your Well-Being

Last Updated:
January 28, 2023
Kay Nicole

The Importance of Healthy Skin for Your Well-Being

It is safe to say that our skin is our basic outfit (we don’t call it our “birthday suit” for nothing). It is something that protects us every day, through every weather condition possible; therefore, we should appreciate it tremendously. However, most of us don’t think of its well-being, until we notice that it’s somehow damaged or changed. We burn our skin during the summer, dry it horribly during autumn and (especially) winter, scar it while rushing around, and tattoo (and pierce) it for fun. Not often do many of us remember to nurture it as it deserves, being the biggest organ we have.

So, what can actually happen if we don’t care? 

Actually, if we neglect skincare, plenty can happen. First and foremost, bad skin looks ugly. And it is the thing everyone will notice, at least parts of it, which gives a truly bad impression, doesn’t it? Next – and more important thing, for sure – is health. Damaged or scarred skin can cause infections, which can lead to some serious issues. Also, burning it too much in direct sunlight or (even worse), in tanning salons, can cause skin cancer. Infections can also be caused by an uneducated tattoo artist or not cleaning your fresh piercing thoroughly. Skin can also be an alarm for some other health problems – changes on the skin can show signs of STDs, insufficient immunity, etc. So, pay attention to what it tells you, and take good care of it at all times.

Ways to keep our skin healthy

Eating well

We only notice how good nutrition makes our skin better when we actually try it. For example, many of us adore diving into juicy junk food, sausages, and other similar meat products, but it actually makes our skin greasier and can cause acne, or some rashes. Basically, it doesn’t do us much good. A well-balanced diet can do wonders – the skin is smoother and tighter, has much less cellulite, and has an overall healthy glow to it.

Good skin products are never an unnecessary expense

If you are buying creams, lotions, and other skin products and you always go for the random cheap ones, think again. We’ve already said how important your skin is, being a shield for your whole physical self. So, we suggest that you choose your products carefully.

Wherever you live, there are some well-known companies with good references all around. For example, if you live in Australia, go for the most recommended Australian skin care products available, since you will be able to hear the references and see examples from people around you. A good hand and face cream (separate those two, please), a quality body lotion, micellar water, and even a massage oil can do wonders. Be careful when you buy perfumes and deodorants, too. Don’t go for the latest trend, go for a long-lasting brand first. Also, soaps, shampoos, and shower creams/gels – be sure to find the ones that don’t dry out the skin, there are plenty of nutritive ones in today’s market, for every type imaginable.

get a facial

Circulation is very important

Good blood flow and clean air impact the skin very beneficially. Some of the things you can do to improve that are, definitely: stop smoking, exercise regularly, and go for walks outside the city. Also, definitely do regular health checks, so that you know if your red blood cells are on the right level, and that you are getting enough air.

Wash and groom!

If that COVID thing has taught us anything, it is that hygiene is one of the most important things to keep healthy overall. Be sure to shower regularly, wash your hair/scalp (and massage it for better circulation), wash and clean your face, cut and clean your fingernails and toenails, if possible, do manicures and pedicures. Moisturize your skin often, while, of course, keeping it well-fed with mentioned skin products.

All in all, keep your skin healthy, and it will thank you in so many beautiful ways. Not only will you look great, but you will feel better as well. It is our best and most lasting suit we have, it’s a shield we have to treat with love.

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