All about the fitness and health lifestyle
All about the fitness and health lifestyle

The Top Wellness Podcasts for 2023

Last Updated:
April 4, 2023

Top Wellness Podcasts

Listening to podcasts can help boost your mood while helping to educate you on various topics. Furthermore, podcasts work to stimulate different parts of your brain so you can actively listen and absorb the information. Below are our recommendations for the top wellness podcasts of 2023.

Mental Illness Happy Hour

Hosted by comedian Paul Gilmartin, Mental Illness Happy Hour is like a community support group. Each week, he hosts guests and discusses mental illness, addiction, trauma, and negative thinking. Guests vary from comedians and artists to friends and doctors. The goal of this podcast is to help those affected by depression, mental challenges, and addiction feel less alone and potentially connect with each other.

Ten Percent Happier

Hosted by Dan Harris, the Ten Percent Happier podcast is a place for emotional wellness newcomers, looking to start healing. Meditation and self-reflection are both cornerstones of Harris’ philosophy, however, the podcast itself dives much deeper. With guest appearances from researchers across various health fields, this podcast looks into dealing with a host of modern-day mental illness issues. Topics frequently include social anxiety, relationship challenges, depression, imposter syndrome, and much more. Episodes release weekly to help subscribers regulate their emotions and overall well-being.

Serenity Wellness – Mental Health Tools

Hosted by therapist Nicole White, the Serenity Wellness podcast aims to help you to explore your inner self. Develop wellness tools to help you connect with yourself, improve your mental health, and heal from past trauma. The short daily episodes also teach listeners how to balance mental, physical, and emotional health to live a better life every day.

Everyday Mental Wellness

Hosted by psychologist Amanda Shea, Everyday Mental Wellness offers an honest look into the stories of real people. Each week a guest joins the show to discuss everyday challenges in their lives. With an honest look into mental health, and overcoming difficult situations, this is a great podcast for anyone looking to improve their mindset and get more out of life.

The Faith & Mental Wellness Podcast

Hosted by NAMI facilitator Brittney Moses, The Faith & Mental Wellness Podcast integrates faith with mental health. Each episode features experts in their field discussing mental health, health, and how it relates to faith and overall wellness. With both clinical and general life experience, there is a wealth of information available in the archives with new episodes each week.

The Mental Wellness Wakeup Show

Hosted by a licensed therapist and life coach Dawn McMillan, The Mental Wellness Wakeup Show is a short podcast that releases twice per week. Each episode aims to show listeners that spirituality and psychology combine to create a foundation for lasting well-being. Most episodes are under 20 minutes long, making them perfect to listen to as you have your morning coffee or breakfast. Start listening today for tips, tools, and tricks to help you flourish in your daily life.

My Possible Self

Hosted by international broadcaster Gabby Sanderson, My Possible Self features conversations with leading mental health experts. Each episode tackles a separate mental health issue and offers advice and tools for listeners dealing with their own issues. With real-life situations and stories, listeners can really connect and relate to the topics. With only 22 episodes per year, there is no strict posting schedule so subscribe to be notified of new episodes.

Start your well-being and mental health journey by listening to the top wellness podcasts above and getting real advice from professionals.

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