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All about the fitness and health lifestyle

Top Tips for Overcoming Back Pain from Sitting

Last Updated:
May 26, 2021

Top Tips for Overcoming Back Pain from Sitting

One of the main side effects that people experience while working from home is back pain. Now, many of us expected to be back in the office a month into the pandemic. However, it is now a year later and many workplaces are deciding to fully convert to remote working. So how can you ensure your back doesn’t suffer? Follow these tips for overcoming back pain.

 1.     Ergonomic Setup

Start by assessing your workspace. Often offices often already have ergonomic setups, but when working from home it is pushed aside. And, often at home, it is tempting to work from the couch or even your bed. However, you should be working at a desk, as ergonomics can make a big difference to your back. Therefore you should ensure that you have the following;

  •     A comfortable chair that allows your feet to be flat on the floor.
  •     A desk that sits at elbow level when sitting or standing
  •     Monitors sitting at eye level, directly behind your keyboard
  •     Telephone and necessary items within arms reach

By setting up your workspace correctly, you can minimize back strain and therefore overcome back pain. Not to mention you will likely feel more comfortable and productive.

2.     Move Around

Often those experiencing back pain from sitting, are staying too still. In the office, people are moving around regularly. Whether it’s going to a colleague’s desk to check something, grabbing a coffee or simply walking to the printer, those in the office move more often. However, when working from home often the workplace setup is all in one corner, and colleagues are now just a phone call away not a quick walk. Consider setting up your printer across the room, or simply set an alarm to walk around once every hour. You will feel the difference.

3.     Adjust Your Posture

Slouching is easy, and we all do it, especially when focussing on work. However, this is bad for your back and will cause you pain, especially after several hours. Now sitting dead straight can also cause lower back pain, so the best way to target this is by stretching. Ensure you stretch your arms, shoulders and back regularly throughout your workday. Doing this each time you get up will help your posture and your back. Additionally, you should remove items from pockets when sitting to avoid extra pressure and unevenness.

4.     Get a Standing Desk

If your budget allows, a standing desk is great to help alleviate back pain. Better yet, a desk that has various heights so you can alternate between sitting and standing.  Standing desks are a popular choice for offices now too, as they unconsciously encourage movement. While standing, your monitor should still be at eye level, with the desktop at elbow level. You also want to ensure that you have a nice floor mat or comfortable shoes while using your standing desk.

5.     Use Technology

Simple changes to your habits can also help minimize back pain. For example, using voice to text technology reduces the strain on your neck as you don’t need to look down at your phone. You can also use voice to text on your computer, which helps minimize shoulder and wrist strain. Just be sure to proofread and make any corrections as needed.

Back pain can cause issues throughout your workday and weekend. However, it is not something to simply get used to. So, if you want to start overcoming your back pain caused by sitting, be sure to follow the tips above. Soon your back will feel better and you’ll be more productive.


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