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All about the fitness and health lifestyle

Top Apps for Office Fitness Challenges

Last Updated:
August 6, 2021

Top Apps for Office Fitness Challenges

There is nothing better than healthy competition to keep you motivated on your health and fitness journey. This is why many workplaces hold annual fitness challenges to help employees stay healthy and motivated. Obviously, not all employees will participate, however for those who choose to it is beneficial to be able to easily track progress. Luckily, there are many apps for office fitness challenges that your business can utilize, especially with many employees still working from home. These apps enable anyone to participate and engage with other co-workers throughout that challenge, no matter where they are.

Below are our app recommendations for your office fitness challenge.

Map My Run

This app started out offering exactly what the name states, however it now also does much more than that. Users can track almost any workout they desire, including swimming, walking, cycling, yoga, lifting or even tennis. Better yet, this app is perfect for motivating employees into a healthier lifestyle as it doesn’t focus on weight at all. Instead, you can set various team challenges, and employees can join the one or ones they want. Challenge types include the most steps, furthest distance, most workouts, or even a total distance challenge for the month. 


This fitness challenge app is based around increasing daily steps. Each participating employee will show on the leaderboard. Challenge types include a basic leaderboard, streak, and target. Leaderboard challenges rank users by total steps throughout the challenge, whereas streak ranks users based on consecutive days of a minimum amount of steps. Target ranks users based on how often they hit the target amount of steps throughout the challenge. This easy-to-use app helps users build healthy habits while offering a fun competitive atmosphere. However, challenges are a maximum of one month long, and you can only have up to 10 users, so this is only suited to smaller businesses.


This app is from the same creators as Stridekick, but with more and longer challenges. You can have as many users as you want, however, pricing increases with every 10 additional users. Like Stridekick, this app is designed to build daily habits through increasing daily steps. An added bonus of MoveSpring is it’s interactive, game-like journey map challenge. As users progress through the challenge they unlock fun milestones and surprises throughout the map. This adds a fun element to something that can often seem like a chore.

My Virtual Mission

This fun app is perfect to encourage teamwork alongside health and fitness. To set up the challenge, you choose a route between two locations on the map, and users will all work towards the final location. Users can run, cycle, swim or walk along the virtual pathway. As a fun bonus, throughout the journey there are live weather updates for each user's location on the map. Users can also virtually explore surroundings at locations throughout the journey.

Charity Miles

This app allows your employees to get fit and give back at the same time. Users simply choose their charity to start. Users can log any type of movement they choose including, dancing, cycling, running and walking. For every mile they move, they earn funding from various corporate sponsors for their chosen charity. Whoever earns the most for their charity by the end of the challenge period will win.

All the apps for office fitness challenges we listed above are focused solely on improving fitness, not losing weight. This makes it suitable for all employees to participate if they want to. Additionally, all of the apps above have chat features to encourage communication and support within your workplace through a local landing page. If you wish to encourage more participation, consider adding a physical or monetary prize for the winner, or top 3 competitors.

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