All about the fitness and health lifestyle
All about the fitness and health lifestyle

Top Fitness Trainers to Follow on Instagram

Last Updated:
August 17, 2021

Top Fitness Trainers to Follow on instagram

Sometimes life gets in the way of our best intentions. More often than not, the things that get pushed aside are our fitness and health goals. This is because fitness and health is an ongoing journey that doesn’t have instant gratification. Hiring a personal trainer can help you stay on track, or you can utilize social media to motivate you. For example, there are many top fitness trainers to follow on Instagram. However, you should ensure that who you follow motivates you while also offering expert advice and great workouts.

Below are our top fitness trainers you should follow on Instagram to stay on track with your fitness goals.

Jeanette Jenkins @msjeanettejenkins

Jeanette is a trainer to the stars and creator of the Hollywood Trainer fitness company. On her Instagram account, she posts regular workout boot camps that anyone can join while also sharing live videos of her workouts with celebrity clients. Additionally, Jeanette shares recipes, motivational quotes, and success stories from her followers. The community Jeanette has built online is inclusive, supportive and offers a great level of workout routines for free.

Traci Copeland @traco4

Traci is a Nike Master Trainer, focusing on yoga, dance, and running as her specialties. Her Instagram is packed with helpful video workouts, and fun motivational videos. As a Nike Master Trainer, she also hosts various running challenges that you can join through Nike Run Club. Primarily known for her dance workouts, Traci will motivate you to dance along with her and her class to learn dances to fun, upbeat music. The dances are fun, which means you might even forget it’s a workout.

Nora Minno @noraminnord

As a registered dietician, Nora is frequently posting delicious recipes for you to make. She also shares her favorite workouts. In fact, her daily burn workout routine is available to everyone in her highlights. Alongside food and workout posts are articles focusing on health and wellness. Nora’s Instagram is a refreshing look at health and fitness from a food-based perspective, focusing on strength and sustainability over weight loss.

Kira Stokes @kirastokesfit

This celebrity trainer is well known for her “Stoked Move of the Day.” With these posts, she clearly demonstrates the exercise while explaining what muscles it targets. This is part of her goal to educate those looking to improve their fitness and health long-term. Kira aims to create a community of followers that focus on long-term health goals and living a better life. As an added bonus, many of her workouts require no equipment and Kira demonstrates how you can use items around the home as workout equipment. 

Bianca Vesco @biancapaigefit

As a trainer, Bianca aspires to inspire her clients and followers. With her daily posts and stories, she shares workouts and insights into living your best life. There is a lot of motivational posts and advice to help you to get your mind into better shape alongside your body. Biancas workout videos vary depending on the day and often include using equipment in ways you might not have thought of.

Idalis Velazquez @ivfitness

As a professional trainer, Idalis shares in-depth workouts on her Instagram. All workouts include detailed written instructions alongside the instructional videos. Additionally, in between workout posts, she shares her health and wellness journey. This includes sharing how she overcame obstacles and how you can change your mindset to continue on your journey.


 All of the top fitness trainers to follow on Instagram above have one thing in common – they all offer some serious motivation. Staying motivated is one of the hardest things, especially at the beginning of your fitness and health journey. As such ensure you get a daily dose of motivation and inspiration to keep you going. Plus, you get free workout ideas and instruction!

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