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Top Selling Cannabis Strains This Year

Last Updated:
December 12, 2022
Kay Nicole

Top Selling Cannabis Strains This Year

Here we will go over the top-selling cannabis strains this year, as recorded by sale volume. Like in fashion and electronics, cannabis follows trends. Often, getting your hands on the top-selling strains is a braggable event. But how do you find out which strains are the best? Going to the dispensary and seeing what is missing from the shelf takes time. Instead, you turn to the internet, right?

Keep reading to learn more about the top-selling cannabis strains of the year.


Gelato is a strain that has been around for ages. This will never go out of style. This strain derives from girl scout cookies and sunset sherbert. This mix is very potent, but are not the reason it is so popular. However, the THC levels average at 25%.

When you smoke Gelato, often some consider the result to be the perfect high. It often brings feelings of calm, relaxation, and giggly reactions. In fact, adverse effects are rare.


Chemdawg is another oldie but goodie. This has been a top seller for many years. The strain is an 80% Indica and 20% sativa hybrid. The soothing properties and potent aroma is what many people enjoy.

Chemdawg will likely be a fan favorite forever. This is because it is the predecessor of some of the most popular strains on the market today.

Jelly Donuts

Jelly Donuts is a hybrid. It combines the sativa strain Hella Jelly and the indica hybrid Runts. The THC content averages at 34% which is nearly unheard of. Naturally, this means that smoking Jelly Donuts will get you higher than other options. This high starts in the head. Often bringing with moods of euphoria. It then moves onto the body, adding a relaxing and uplifting feeling.


Cannarado created Zawtz, a modern Zkittlez cross. This hybrid mixes Zkittlez, Gelatti, and King Louie Xiii Og. Together these top strains make a candied lemon/lime profile. It tastes and smells fantastic. Zawtz provides a calming, uplifting, and euphoric high.

Banana Cake

Banana cake has only just rolled out. However, it is already in such high demand. In fact, its breeder, True Mom and Pop, will be restocking with a lot more of the product. Banana cake is a cross of Banana OG and Wedding cake. These have both been community favorites for years. The sativa Dominant strain has THC levels averaging about 21%. It provides the perfect mix of energy and relaxation.

Pink Boost Goddess

Pink Boost Goddess by Emerald Spirit Botanicals is a sativa-dominant strain. It is quickly becoming a California favorite.

The aromas of this strain are half responsible for its popularity. It puts off floral hints of strawberry and mint. The other half of why it is popular is because of the high. Smoking Pink Boost goddess will calm your anxiety, relieve your pain, and make you feel like you can do anything. It boosts your energy and creativity.

Quattro Kush

Quattro Kush crosses 707 Headband, Triangle Kush, and SFV OG. This epic cross brings a high that slowly creeps in. Slowly replacing any anxiety and negative thoughts with a high that leave you forgetting your issues.

This strain has become a top seller because the THC level is 34%. This is of course hard to come by, and as a bonus the buds last for a while. Regular consumers can go through an eighth of Quattro Kush in the time it typically takes for a quarter. To learn more about understanding cannabis measurements, visit Marijuana Doctors.

Pancake Ice

Pancake Ice is a sativa-dominant strain. It comes from other unknown sativa-dominant strains. Pancake Ice is highly sought after, so it is hard to find, especially on your local dispensary shelves. The strain is well-loved for its unique flavor. It also works well as a treatment option.

Pancake Ice does a great job treating ADD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, nausea, fatigue, and more. Therefore, this strain is often used by medical marijuana patients.

Pineapple Express

Last but certainly not least is the classic Pineapple Express. This strain gained its fame from the 2008 film "Pineapple Express." Which of course, starred stoners Seth Rogen and James Franco.

This hybrid is a cross between the strains Trainwreck and Hawaiin. It provides smokers a high that is energizing, can increase your focus, and has been known to help chronic depression. Pineapple Express has been a top seller since it first came out. As such, most dispensaries keep it in stock.

As always, it's important to understand the local, regional, and national laws where you are regarding Cannabis legalization so that you are compliant within your region.

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