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All about the fitness and health lifestyle

Truecoach vs Everfit: Which App is Best for Trainers?

Last Updated:
November 14, 2023

Truecoach vs Everfit: Which App is Best for Trainers?

As a personal trainer, having a way to track, charge, and book sessions for clients is important. While you can keep an analog record of this information, using an app can streamline things. In this article we look at which app is best for trainers, focusing on Truecoach vs Everfit.

What is TrueCoach?

TrueCoach is an app that aims to help trainers save time while delivering a better client experience. The app features allow trainers to manage all aspects of their client's training with ease. Thus, freeing up time to focus on building and growing their personal brand and business.
The in-app features help to customize workouts and nutrition for each client, and viewing client data is easier than ever.

What is Everfit?

Everfit is a powerful app that helps to streamline client management for personal trainers. This allows trainers to boost their revenue and improve client retention. With the app trainers can build, deliver, and monitor client training programs with a few taps. The in-app features like communication, and nutrition tracking help trainers to offer customized service to every client.

TrueCoach vs Everfit

Both of these apps make running a personal training business easier, however, each has its own unique benefits. Below we look into each app in more detail to help you select the best option for your needs.


Both Everfit and TrueCoach offer a range of features to help trainers better serve their clients. They both also offer a great platform for clients to track their workouts, communicate with their trainers, and enter workout or health data.


  • Video Exercise Library - Access to over 3000 exercise videos to add to workouts. Or, trainers can record and upload their own.
  • Workout Builder - Design and personalize workouts using exercise videos.
  • Real-time Messaging - Communicate with clients instantly, using text, pictures, and video.
  • Payments - Make billing easier with TrueCoach Payments. Utilizing Stripe makes collecting credit and debit card payments simple, and almost instant.
  • Progress Tracking - This lets trainers and Clients see exercise history and metrics at a glance. Thus, helping to keep clients motivated, and workouts challenging.
  • Client Management - Keep all client information in one place. This allows trainers to see what workouts each client is doing, when their next payment is due, and new messages.
  • Program Builder - Take workouts to the next level by creating a master program. Then, simply customize it to meet the needs of each client.
  • Nutrition Tracking - Assign macro goals to individual clients and track their progress.
  • Compliance Tracking - The TrueCoach app rates each client by the number of exercises completed vs the number of exercises assigned. This allows trainers to quickly see who they need to follow up with to offer more support.
  • App Accessibility - Available on iOS and is in Beta for Android.


  • Exercise Library - Access to over 1000 exercise videos to add to workouts. Or, trainers can upload their own videos.
  • Workout Builder - Drag and drop exercises into a workout. Then set the reps, sets, and breaks. Trainers can also offer alternative exercises to help clients of all fitness levels.
  • Metrics Tracking - Measure more than just weight with detailed tracking. Clients can add/sync heart rate, cadence, speed, sleep, and much more.
  • Messaging - Easily communicate with your clients with instant messaging options. This also allows for instant feedback and tips. Clients can also share videos for additional feedback.
  • App Accessibility - available for free on Android and iOS.
  • Food Journal and Marcos Tracking (for Pro and Studio plans) - Allows trainers to set macros and create food plans for their clients. Trainers can also make comments, like food choices, and offer tips to each client.
  • On-Demand Training Portal (for Studio plans) - This includes access to a range of detailed resources, workout collections, and preset studio programs.

Add-on Options

These are additional app features that trainers can pay for to offer more to their clients. TrueCoach plans are all-inclusive, however, Everfit charges for the following:

  • Autoflow - this automation add-on allows trainers to easily assign group training, schedule messages and run leaderboards. Additionally, trainers can set up automatic onboarding to save time.
  • On-Demand Resources - this add-on feature allows trainers to create a launch workout and data collections to help clients through their journey
  • Payments and Packages - this add-on allows trainers to offer recurring subscriptions, sell one-time products, and view sales analytics. Additionally, trainers can automate program assignments when a client makes a purchase.


Both apps offer a free trial, with Everfit offering a 7-day option, and TrueCoach offering a 14-day option. Annual plans, however, are as follows.


  • Starter - Starting at $19.99 per month for 5 clients. Includes the payment package.
  • Standard - Starting at $52.99 per month for 20 clients. Includes the payment package.
  • Pro - Starting at $106.99 per month for 50 clients. Includes the payment package.


  • Starter Plan - Free for 5 clients, with limited features. Payment add-on available for $8 per month.
  • Pro - Starting at $16 per month for 5 clients. Payment add-on available for $8 per month.
  • Studio - Starting at $88 per month for 50 clients. Comes with additional features such as a group chat, and training portal. Payment add-on available for $8 per month.

As a personal trainer, managing clients effectively is crucial for a successful business. So, which app is best for trainers? Everfit, or TrueCoach? Both have high reviews from both trainers and clients and are easy to set up. We recommend you review the features each offer and try the free trials to discover which is best for you.

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