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All about the fitness and health lifestyle

Wellness Travel Trends 2022: Top Wellness Travel Destinations

Last Updated:
July 5, 2022

top wellness travel destinations

As worldwide travel opens back up, many people are looking to take a relaxing holiday. In fact, over 50% of Americans are looking forward to a relaxing or wellness holiday trip within the next year. The last few years have had a clear effect on how travelers are looking to spend their holidays, with wellness being a focus. Below are some of the top wellness travel destinations you should consider.


One of the best wellness destinations is the Azores in Portugal. These 9 islands are popular spa destinations with abundant geothermal activity. This results in numerous hot springs, waterfalls, and iron water pools depending on which island you visit. Visit natural swimming holes like Ponta de Ferraia right on the Atlantic ocean, or book a luxurious spa trip on Sao Miguel Island. The resort here has a mineral pool, lush greenery, and the largest amount of geothermal springs in Europe.


The Balinese culture centers on spirituality, community, prayer, and wellness. The locals here have traditionally used turmeric for its healing properties for years, and use massage regularly to promote circulation. Thus, when you combine this with the amazing landscape of beaches, mountains, and jungles surrounding the cities it’s the perfect destination. Many of the spa retreats also offer daily yoga practices in collaboration with the popular Bali Yoga Training School and use as many natural products as they can. However, you also have the option to enjoy a traditional outdoor massage amidst the forest air. Or, simply enjoy the sound of the waves hitting the shore while you relax.


Health and wellness are a crucial part of Thai culture. Hence, there are numerous spas and wellness activities available. Therefore, almost every town offers massage or spa treatments, and they are very reasonably priced. Consider a fish foot treatment to exfoliate your feet or go on a relaxing island getaway for a more luxurious experience. Kamalaya is a well-known wellness sanctuary in Koh Samui, surrounded by the rainforest, overlooking the ocean. They offer wellness treatments using a combination of traditional Thai healing and modern therapy.

Costa Rica

If you are looking for a wellness retreat with a dose of adventure, Costa Rica is it. Swap technology for white water rafting and surfing. However, if water isn’t your thing, there are jungles to hike and amazing wildlife to discover. Additionally, you have some amazing wellness retreats to visit or stay at. Many of these are located within forest reserves, offering an insight into embracing nature completely. Stay among the trees and enjoy an open-air massage, or meditate overlooking a waterfall at El Silencio Lodge. Or, consider Asclepios Wellness and Healing Retreat where you can enjoy treatments like naturopathy, floral remedies, reiki, and more.


As the sauna capital of the world, Finland is definitely a wellness travel destination you should visit. The traditional ‘smoke sauna’ is most authentic and features prominently in most spas. As the Finnish culture largely revolves around nature and wellness, the wellness offerings here reflect these values. Consider embracing nature with a modern take at Järvisydän and enjoy paddleboard yoga, hiking, swimming, and of course the saunas. Relax in comfort while enjoying fresh, lakeside air and amazing food.

New Zealand

Often known as the bottom of the world, New Zealand has some superb wellness destinations. In fact, one of the must-go places is Rotorua, which is one of the world's most active geothermal areas. Here you will be surrounded by hot springs, erupting geysers, crater lakes, and steaming mud pools. This city has been a spa destination since the 1800’s when the Polynesian Spa opened to the public. Now, the Polynesian Spa has over 20 different hot mineral pools overlooking Lake Rotorua, and hydrotherapy treatments. Bathing in the steaming mud is a traditional Māori custom and can be enjoyed at Hells Gate Geothermal Park, a luxurious spa facility just out of the city. However, more adventurous wellness travelers may consider driving 35 minutes out of town to the mostly hidden Kerosene Creek, where after a short hike you will find a geothermal waterfall and hot spring.

There you have it, some of the top wellness travel destinations you should consider for a relaxing getaway. Book your ultimate relaxation getaway today, and de-stress in an idyllic location. Plus, you can enjoy the extra health benefits of traveling!

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