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What Home Workouts Burn the Most Calories?

Last Updated:
March 3, 2021

What Home Workouts Burn the Most Calories?

Many of the best home workout options don’t require a lot or any equipment. Often all they need to be effective is your own bodyweight. But, how do you know what home workouts burn the most calories?

Both your weight and the intensity of your workout will affect the number of calories you burn. As such, all calorie burn examples given are based on a person weighing 155lb.

At-home workouts

There are many different at-home workouts you can do without any equipment at all. These include running, HIIT, plyometrics and bodyweight workouts. You can also choose to use at-home machines such as a stationary bike, treadmill, or stair climber or you can use a pushbike and go out cycling.  Below is more information about each workout type and what they entail.


When it comes to a high-calorie burn, running or jogging is one of the most effective workouts. You can either utilize a treadmill (and catch up on tv shows) or run outside while listening to music or a podcast. To further boost your calorie burn, try interval running. This is where you run at a moderate pace for 3-4 minutes, then sprint for 20-30 seconds. Your calorie burn depends on the speed you are going. For example, a slow jog burns an average of 223 calories per 30 minutes. However, running 4 miles in 30 minutes would burn 465 calories.


High-intensity interval training or HIIT is an effective, yet difficult workout. High intensity activities such as sprinting, jump squats, burpees, skater lunges, and skipping are commonplace in these workouts. These activities are built into a circuit that can be complete 2-3 times during the workout session. Each activity is done to the best of your ability for 45-90 seconds, then you have a 15-30 second break before starting the next activity. A 30-minute HIIT workout can burn an average of 450 calories.


Biking or cycling is a great way to exercise, however indoor and outdoor cycling vary slightly in their effectiveness in calorie burning. Outdoor cycling will burn more calories than a standard ride on a stationary bike, however, a spin class type workout can burn more than an outdoor ride. This is due to the intensity and resistance in the workouts. A 30-minute moderate outdoor bike ride burns an average of 372 calories, whereas the same on a stationary bike has an average calorie burn of 260. A 30-minute spin class workout can burn 391 calories.

Stair Climbing

Climbing stairs or using a stair climber machine is a great home workout to quickly burn calories. One benefit of using physical stairs is that you get a slight rest on your way back down between sets. Additionally, because of the short rest, physical stairs make the workout more intense. Now, running upstairs for 30 minutes can burn up to 510 calories, and an average 30-minute workout on a stair climber would burn 225 calories.


Frequently used by athletes, plyometrics is also commonly known as jump training. It is a technique that can be used in many different ways, and should only be used by those who are already working out regularly. This is due to the pressure on your joints from the explosive movements. Plyometrics is not an aerobic workout; rather it is a workout that focuses on building muscle. Due to this, the calorie burn is less than many others on our list, however, plyometrics are perfect to combine with aerobic workouts in your weekly routine to build muscle. A 30-minute plyometric workout burns an average of 250 calories.

Bodyweight Workout

Weightlifting is a great strength workout, however, you can also do weight training without weights. Simply use your own bodyweight with certain activities and you will see results. Some common bodyweight based workouts include push-ups, crunches, spider crawls, handstand wall walks, squats and dips. These should be done in conjunction with some basic cardio such as running or skipping. Bodyweight workouts burn an average of 115 calories per 30 minutes, however, this can be higher depending on the intensity of your workout.


There you have it, six different workouts you can do at home with minimal to no extra equipment. To help you stick with your workout routine, you should choose a variety of workouts you enjoy. So, what home workouts will you choose to help you to burn the most calories?

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