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All about the fitness and health lifestyle

What is a Vegan Keto Diet and Why Use it?

Last Updated:
July 19, 2022

Vegan Keto Diet

Over the past few years, the keto diet has gained in popularity, however, many people don’t know that it is possible to be vegan and keto. In fact, a vegan keto diet offers the best of both diets. It is plant-based with a healthy amount of dietary fat, all without being the common meat-fest that keto is known for. However, this diet choice can make meal planning a bit more difficult, especially when avoiding high carb and sugar items, as well as animal products.  However, that is also the key benefit!

Why Choose a Vegan Keto Diet?

Now, a vegan, keto diet won’t be suitable for every person, however, it is easy to try if you prepare yourself. First, do some research on recipes, suitable foods, ideal nutrition information for needs, etc. Then, you can use these details to create a meal plan and streamline meal prep. However, for those who live an extremely active lifestyle like endurance runners, triathletes or weight lifters, this is likely not the diet for you. This is primarily due to the lack of carbs, which makes endurance events more difficult and can create health problems.

However, if you simply like to stay fit, and exercise regularly this diet could work for you. Just ensure that you check with your healthcare provider first in case you need extra supplements or vitamins.

Meal Planning and Prep

The easiest way to stick to any diet is by meal planning. Consider the details below when deciding on your meal plan.  Need ideas?  Try Pinterest where it is easy to find Vegan-Keto recipes!

Choose Your Proteins

Protein is an integral part of every diet, as it provides the essential amino acids your body needs. Additionally, protein helps you to feel fuller for longer, which aids in weight maintenance. Now there are nine different essential amino acids that we need in a balanced diet. While animal proteins contain all nine, many plant-based alternatives are short on one or two. Therefore, it is key that you vary your protein sources to get all the nutrients. You must also consider the carbohydrate content of your plant-based proteins, as legumes and grains are both high carb, and thus, not keto-friendly. Below are some keto-friendly and plant-based protein sources

  • Tofu
  • Tempeh
  • Seitan (though made from wheat, only has 2 grams of carbs per 3 ounces)
  • Nuts (avoid high-carb nuts like chestnuts, cashews, and pistachios)
  • Protein Powder (ensure you select one with pea, hemp, or soy protein)
  • Seeds

Choose Healthy Fats

Most of your calories on a keto diet come from healthy fats, as that is what your body will use in ketosis. As most plant-based proteins are low in fat, you must be conscious about adding fats to your meal plan. Fat also helps you feel full and can help with nutrient absorption. Below are some plant-based fats to consider;

  • Oils (coconut oil, olive oil, and avocado oil are best)
  • Nuts (peanuts, almonds, macadamia, walnuts, pecans, and hazelnuts are recommended)
  • Seeds
  • Coconut (cream, manna (the flesh of a coconut), butter, etc.)
  • Cocoa butter
  • Avocado
  • Olives

Avoiding Grains and Carbs

While vegan diets are often high in grains and carbohydrates, these are limited on a keto diet. As such, you may need to get creative with some substitutions if you are missing that part of your meal. Below are some great substitutions for common carbohydrates that are vegan and keto diet-friendly.

  • Consider switching rice for cauliflower rice or konjac rice.
  • Use zucchini noodles or konjac noodles instead of pasta
  • Instead of potatoes, use roasted radishes, mashed cauliflower, or jicama fries.
  • For baking, use almond or coconut flour in place of wheat flour.

If you are considering a vegan keto diet, keep the above details in mind when creating a meal plan. You can also reference the Onnit Academy vegan keto food list for ideas and suggestions. Ensure that monitor your nutrient intake and have regular blood tests to ensure you stay healthy while on this diet. Additionally, take any extra supplements you need to fuel your body correctly.

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