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​​What is Frequency Medicine?

Last Updated:
September 26, 2023

​​What is Frequency Medicine?

There are many alternative medicine treatment options available in the modern era, with many of them rooted in traditional or ancient practices. In this article, we look at what Frequency Medicine is and how it is used.

What is Frequency Medicine?

Frequency Medicine is a treatment option based on scientific research from physics and Western medicine. This treatment option incorporates both holistic and energetic principles from traditional Chinese and Indian practices. Frequency Medicine started with the discovery of Quantum Physics. With Quantum Physics came the discovery that every substance has characteristics of vibration and mass. Therefore, cells, organs, bacteria, and toxins all produce electromagnetic waves and have a measurable frequency.

How do Frequencies work within the body?

Each organ and process in the body has a frequency, and according to studies, this changes based on the health of each. Thus, sick people have different frequencies to that of healthy people. With this, therapists practicing Frequency Medicine can diagnose and treat different diseases both physical and emotional.

Each cell within the body communicates with the other cells, no matter where they are in the body. Different pieces of information are sent at different frequencies, however, this communication can fail or go wrong when someone is sick.

How Does Frequency Medicine Work?

Frequency Medicine uses electromagnetic devices to bring the body back into system balance. Rebalancing the body refines the energy patterns of the body to enter into a healing process. This requires the use of the right frequency for the right amount of time. The electromagnetic fields utilize precise frequencies to target the main types of tissue within the body to relieve pain at the source. This helps to stimulate the cells and encourage natural recovery.

Vibration Law

The Vibration Law is one of the laws of nature. This refers to the healing of a person, or self-healing. Illness is considered to be low-vibration, and health is high-vibration. Vibrations can pass from a healthy person to an unhealthy person using electrical waves that resonate from the brain using bioenergetic treatments. Vibration as a healing tool is ancient and techniques include color therapy, sound therapy, magnet therapy, acupuncture, and homeopathy.

Benefits of Frequency Medicine

Frequency Medicine treatments are non-invasive and have no side effects. The transfer of electromagnetic waves to the sick patient happens via electrodes placed on the skin. Decades of treatment show that Frequency Medicine is safe and has no risks. It can also be used to treat a variety of issues from food allergies and intolerances to physical pain.

Accurate Diagnosis

Using a frequency device, the therapist can accurately identify the problem and its location. These trained therapists will determine if the problem is with organs, functions, meridians, chakras, or disease agents like bacteria or a virus.

Shortens Recovery Time

Using the frequency device, the therapist can accurately diagnose the area that requires treatment, thus, treatment can begin immediately. The therapist will create and implement a treatment plan quickly. This plan is adaptable to the patient's needs and targets the affected area directly. Thus, encouraging a faster recovery.

Get Treatment Anywhere

The Frequency device is portable so you can use it for treatment almost anywhere. This is great for patients who are less mobile, or those who frequently travel.

Frequency Medicine is a risk-free treatment option that uses electromagnetic waves to reprogram your body and energy patterns to improve healing. Quite often this treatment is used in conjunction with a nutritional change to improve overall health.

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