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All about the fitness and health lifestyle

What is Root Cause Medicine Treatment?

Last Updated:
January 16, 2024

What is Root Cause Medicine Treatment?

Health conditions and treatments can vary depending on who you ask. This is because healthcare consists of many differing perspectives in treating illnesses. Typically, conventional methods prescribe medication, or surgery to alleviate discomfort of symptoms. While this can be helpful for treating acute conditions, reliance on this approach can ignore why symptoms occur in the first place. Hence, root cause medicine treatment can actually be the more effective route to take.

So, What is Root Cause Medicine Treatment?

Root cause medicine requires doctors, nurses, and other professionals to look beyond the symptoms. For example, you may get a splinter in your thumb that causes pain. A bandage may be added to help with discomfort, or pain medication used to reduce pain and swelling. However, neither of these methods will solve the actual issue. The only way to truly fix the issue and completely remove pain and discomfort is by removing the splinter itself.

As you can see root cause medicine treatment aims to eliminate the problem rather than treating the symptoms. This is especially important for larger health conditions like cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. By determining the root cause and offering treatment options to improve lifestyle choices, lose weight, and create better habits these illnesses can be treated effectively.

How to Analyze Root Cause

To understand the root cause of your health condition you should seek a medical provider who has knowledge and credentials in both conventional medicine and functional, integrative medicine. This healthcare professional will then work with you to understand your unique health profile, symptoms, blood work, and lifestyle behaviors. To get an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan, you must be open and honest with them. By using a functional, integrative medicine approach the healthcare professional can look beyond the symptoms to the root cause. This could be inflammation, food sensitivities, environmental toxicity, or something else entirely.

Treating Root Cause

Once your healthcare professional discovers the root cause of your symptoms they will “prescribe” modifications to your lifestyle, supplements, and perhaps medications to address the issue and improve your health. This approach gives you a tangible strategy to support your body in healing. Of course, as with any health condition and treatment interventions may be necessary. However, this will be based on your individual health issues and treatments.

Why is Root Cause Medicine Important?

Often, conventional medical practice overlooks functional, integrative medicine, as they treat the smaller symptoms. This is partially due to the incentives that pharmaceutical companies provide and due to insurance companies. Thus, many healthcare providers have limited options to offer their patients. Furthermore, with a shortage of family doctors, many patients turn to walk-in clinics where the healthcare professionals do not know their medical history.

Take charge of your health by searching for a medical professional with conventional and functional, integrative treatment options. This can help you to access the right treatment through root cause medicine and improve your life.

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