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All about the fitness and health lifestyle

What is The Mirror Home Workout System and Best Alternatives

Last Updated:
June 3, 2021

the mirror by lululemon

Home workouts are on the rise and as such, there is an ever-expanding range of at-home exercise devices. With the introduction of technology to exercise, many of these devices offer a workout class experience in your own home. One of these devices is called Mirror by Lululemon, and it is taking the health and fitness scene by storm. However, it can be hard to get, especially with the tech shortage, so we have a list of alternatives for you. First, though, what is the Mirror home workout system and why are people so excited about it?

What is the Mirror Home Workout System?

The Mirror is Lululemon's foray into exercise equipment. However, it doesn’t look like exercise equipment, instead, like its name, it looks like a mirror. All you need is 2 feet of wall space in an area where you want to work out. Plus when you aren’t working out you have a large mirror to check your outfit.

Mirror offers a large range of on-demand and live workout classes. Users select their preferred workout type and length to begin. The workout will then show on screen, with the instructor taking you through the exercises. The device can track your heart rate and the reflective surface enables you to check your form is correct. With exercise classes ranging from low impact yoga and tai chi to high-intensity boxing and cardio options, Mirror makes working out fun.

An additional benefit of Mirror, is the ability to compete against other users. This not only helps motivate users but also brings in a more social aspect to at-home workouts. One of the downsides of Mirror is the extra equipment you may need to buy to complete some workouts. This includes weights, a swiss ball, resistance bands and more. This is where some of the alternatives below could be better suited to your workout needs.

Mirror Alternatives


Though slightly more expensive this Mirror alternative comes with a set of weight plates, a barbell, a dumbbell and foam roller for your workout needs. Tempo workouts are primarily based around weights and strength training. Therefore if you were lifting weights regularly at the gym, this is a great at-home alternative for you. As with Mirror, Tempo offers a range of classes from bodyweight training, to HIIT and cardio focussed workouts. There is also a range of short and longer workouts so you can always find one that suits you and your needs. All of the weighted exercises also have a dedicated instructional video so you can learn to lift correctly while watching your form.

Echelon Reflect

This smart device is very similar to Mirror, sitting flush on the wall, however is slightly cheaper. The Reflect offers a range of yoga, pilates, strength, high-intensity cardio and boxing workouts. As an added bonus, the Reflect 50” has touchscreen capabilities and can integrate with other Echelon products for a wider range of workouts. 

NordicTrack Vault

This brand new device has everything you need for a home fitness studio. Not only does it come with a range of weights, but it also includes resistance bands, a yoga mat and other workout accessories. These are all then vertically stored inside the Vault device, keeping your home clutter-free. As storage is included, this device does require more space than Mirror but you also don’t need to worry about having the correct equipment. The NordicTrack Vault offers a full range of workouts from cardio and weights to pilates and yoga. Other benefits include a rotating full-length mirror display, touchscreen capabilities and Bluetooth connectivity.

There you have it, various alternatives to the Mirror home workout system. Now they are all rather expensive, however, all companies also offer monthly payment plans, or buy now pay later schemes to make the devices more affordable. For the first time ever, you can have your own fitness studio with instructors in your own home. Use these new advances in technology to make it even easier for you to work on and hit those health and fitness goals you set.

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