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Why Are Silk Pillowcases Good for Acne | Top Benefits

Last Updated:
January 6, 2023
Kay Nicole

Why Are Silk Pillowcases Good for Acne | Top Benefits

Silk pillowcases offer a multitude of benefits for your skin, especially acne, and are highly recommended. We have been members of the acne sufferers club for a long time, so we are willing to try anything to clear our skin of the red, irritated spots caused by acne. So then, what caused acne? Are you aware that there are benefits of sleeping on silk pillowcases?

Unfortunately, there is no one factor that causes acne, and the specific acne triggers that affect a person can vary greatly from person to person. People can experience acne flare-ups for a variety of reasons, including hormones, stress, medication, genetics, and environmental factors.

More About Acne | Silk Pillowcase Benefits For Acne

Acne is a skin condition that occurs when the hair follicles in the skin become clogged with sebum, which, when combined with dead skin cells, forms a plug in the follicle and can lead to the formation of blackheads and whiteheads. These clogged follicles are susceptible to bacterial contamination, and over time, they will grow larger, resulting in the formation of a papule (the horrible, under-the-skin red spots that never seem to go away).

As the pimple grows larger, it has a greater risk of rupturing, which can lead to inflammation and the accumulation of pus. When this happens close to the surface of the skin, it causes a pustule to form. If it is located in one of the deeper layers of the skin, it has the potential to develop into a papule or a cyst in the most severe cases. Now the big question is “what exactly is the relationship between using silk pillowcases and acne, anyway?”

First things first, we'll tell you how it is: as much as we'd love to say silk pillowcases are the end all and be all, the truth is that the situation is more complicated. There is no conclusive evidence from scientific research that using silk pillowcases can permanently prevent acne breakouts. However, it may make a difference if you experience flare-ups often. It is a preferable choice to cotton in this regard. They can make an already delicate situation even worse and trigger micro-irritation if you are prone to breakouts, which can be caused by stress, genetics, or hormones.

Why does pillowcase choice matter?

Note that not everyone will experience acne and breakouts as a direct result of their choice of the pillowcase. On the other hand, if you don't watch or replace your pillowcase on a regular basis, the bacteria, oil, and dirt accumulate on it. This can transfer back to your skin, making the problem even worse. If you are using a topical treatment for acne, the last thing you want is for this to soak into your pillowcase rather than your skin.

Imagine that your pillowcase is a sponge and wash it. Whatever you put on your face, whether it's beneficial or harmful, will be absorbed by the cotton in your pillowcases. This includes any leftover makeup, as well as oils, creams, serums, as well as sweat. It is also important to keep in mind that whatever you put in your hair will seep into your pillowcase if you sleep on it. Many of them contain oil or silicone, both of which are known to provoke inflammation and skin breakouts. The moisture that is drawn into your pillowcase has the potential to also draw in bacteria and allergens, both of which can lead to breakouts. Below are common silk pillowcase benefits for acne.

What Are The Advantages Of Sleeping On A Pillowcase Made Of Silk?

Your skin can reap many benefits from sleeping on a silk pillowcase. It is best to think of this addition to your skincare routine as the icing on the cake. There is no pillowcase that can prevent acne breakouts if you suffer from hormonal acne. However, using a pillowcase made of silk can help mitigate the issue by creating a sleeping environment that is healthier and more sanitary. Silk is a natural fiber that won't clog your pores or absorb moisture or products. Thus, making it a much better option than cotton when it comes to the health of your skin.

Because silk is a fabric that has a smoother surface and is tightly woven, it will feel softer against your skin. Thus, it will cause less friction and rubbing, which can help to reduce redness. It will help to reduce puffiness and swelling if your skin is susceptible to the effects of it. Although it does not completely eliminate the risk of acne, it does reduce the severity of the condition and helps relax the facial skin. Consider this to be an additional step in your daily skincare routine.

Preventative Measures That Can Be Taken By You

You should wash your face each and every night. Even though it may sound silly, doing so will assist in preventing grime, dirt, and makeup from migrating onto your bedding. Make an appointment with a dermatologist as soon as possible so that they can examine your skin. They can advise you on the most effective cleansing method. Always remember to remove all of your makeup before going to bed.

Fight off the urge to give in and squeeze. This can make symptoms worse because you are irritating and puncturing your skin. Both of which can spread bacteria to other areas of your body. Visit a dermatologist if you have cysts or nodules under the skin that are causing you pain. The dermatologist will be able to safely extract the cysts or nodules if they need removal.


Every two to three days, you should wash your pillowcases. Even if you sleep on silk, you should make sure that you regular wash it in a detergent that has a neutral PH. This is key to maintaining its freshness and preventing sleeping on any moisture accumulation. Silk pillowcase benefits for acne are real but you have to stay clean to make it effective. It is recommended that you do not use fabric softener on your pillowcases. In this instance, the softening agents are the source of the problem for acne-prone skin. Thus, using fragrance-free fabric softeners is not going to help.

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